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No Veteran Left Behind. 

Over 4.4 million United States veterans live in rural America, so they struggle to find local resources that serve their unique needs.


Veteran Help Point is here to change all of that. 

Through generous donations from people like you, Veteran Help Point provides connections to vital resources at no cost, making it easier for Veterans to receive the care and support they need to thrive. 

Interactive Resource Map

Our ever-growing interactive map of resources allows veterans and their caregivers to find local resources in their area in nine key areas. 

Areas Of Resources:

Through our interactive map you can locate resources in the following areas.

  • Behavioral Health, Counseling and Addiction

  • Healthcare and Medical Services 

  • Employment and Career Assistance

  • Financial Aid and Literacy

  • Holistic Wellness and Life Balance 

  • Housing and Homelessness Support

  • Benefits and Claims Assistance

  • Fitness and Community Connection

  • Legal Aid and Advocacy

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Medical Kiosks

In Quarter 4 of 2024 Veteran Help Point is launching it's medical kiosk pilot program in both Central PA and Eastern NC. With the hopes to expand to other geographical areas with the largest number of veterans in rural areas in a “resource desert”


  • Partnering with default veteran spaces such as  VFW locations as we expand our hope it to partner with the most active locations in the town such as the volunteer fire station or library.

  • We overcome older veterans' hesitations with tele-a-med in their home as we will have on site support for the veterans. 

  • Create a supportive environment where veterans feel more comfortable around other veterans.

More than just "tele-a-med" our kiosks:

  • Brings doctors and therapists to veterans

  • Eliminate the struggle of inconsistent Wi-Fi, 

  • Allows veterans to have their vitals taken,

  • Reduces the barrier of care by providing a safe and secure environment that is easier to travel to vs traveling 1+ hours away for care

  • Communicate with local hospital/lab centers for any necessary testing requested by the veteran's doctors. 

Veterans are the heart of our country and community. But many times, veterans and their sacrifices are overlooked, especially in rural America. Join us as we honor the past and present veterans of central PA area with fun, family, and good ol’ American pride. This two-day event will be filled with food, resources, community, and speakers sharing their hearts for what makes America great. Operation Honor™ is in full effect.

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Image by Joshua Hoehne

Veteran and Caretaker Community 

Veteran Help Point is here to connect the rural veterans and their caregivers to resources and community.​ There is no cost to veterans, caregivers, or organizations to be part of  Veteran Help Point


Our online community allows you to:

  • Stay up to date with benefit changes

  • Connect in a social media-esc platform

  • Meet other veterans and caregivers both near and far

  • Rate the organizations listed on Veteran Help Point

  • Request resources / services

Through the continuous generosity of people and organizations just like yours we are able to connect veterans from around rural America with much needed health, wellness, and life resources as well as community for the veterans and their caregivers.

Your financial support allows us to not just continue our great work, but to grow so that we can serve all 4.4 million rural veterans in America.

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